WITO Wednesday Spotlights

Kasie Harriet

This weeks “WITO” Wednesday is Kasie Harriet. – she is the NWTF R3 Coordinator. Being the R3, some of her goals are to promote Recruitment, Retention, & Reactivation. She’s a familiar face around here & is full of great information when it comes to turkey hunting. Kasie is a great Women In The Outdoors mentor.

“First day was a bust, but we learned from our mistakes and got er done this mornin. My Second ever long beard.” Kasie said. “My bird had a 10 1/4 inch beard & 1 1/4 inch spurs. I’m a happy camper, and there’s nothing better than Spring Turkey hunting! And shout out to my husband for being the best Turkey hunting partner there is”

Congrats on the awesome turkey, Kasie!

Micah Lewis

This weeks “WITO” Wednesday is Micah Lewis. She’s originally from Ohio but she’s ready to get involved with all Oklahoma has to offer. She’s an avid compound bow hunter, turkey hunter, incredible K9 trainer, photographer& much more. We can’t wait to get Micah involved in all that WITO will have to offer in the future. Her experience would be fantastic for mentoring. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see Micah making her appearance for WITO.